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Ms Vika Viola Svensson was a Girl from Gothenburg, she was born in 1879 and she was one of the first female students who became an engineers degree from an University in Sweden. She was a talented society lady in the beginning of the the new century. In 1911 she opened a Coffee House at Kyrkogatan in the City of Gothenburg.

She became very popular and was - what we call today - an IT Girl of her time. Her Coffee House was a beautiful meeting point of the rich and famous. Unlikely for this time she loved also to sell Snus to her Clientele.

This earned her the nickname Snus-Vika.


The remake of Vika Svensson Snus of Gothenburg is in honour of this lady and is produced by VK Nordic AB in Lidköping Sweden.

Today Vika Svensson Products are a modern alternative to Cigarette Smoking. Enjoy it!

Be victorious. Be smart. Enjoy nicotine the modern way with Quality Products of Vika Svensson. Discover our new range of Snus Products.